Thursday, May 19, 2011

A list celebrity party, performing by JayZ @ NYC

So happy to have this opportunity to participate in this private event. Wearing the top designers fashion photographic by the medias and fans... Just for an hour, even thou it's not my first time, but I still felt my eyes were blind. I guess that's the first step you have to like it when you be a celebrity... Lol but I am not complaint thou because getting paid to be there for a few hours and watching live performing by JayZ. It's a bonus, isn't it?

Jay Z is awesome, he was performed for an hour and singing my favorite song "Empire State of Mind"... So touching as a New Yorker grew up in this tough city... I'm  Great that I came prepared with my cool T under the designer wardrobes so I can rock the dance floor tonight while Jay Z's singing.

LOL, a funny thing like to share: Jay Z's VIP list was over loaded and the  fans were insanely crazy... Security out of control... Well, welcome to New York City... Our New Yorkers are crazy, I must say, ha...  Oh, one more thing, someone was grab  my ass when I was entering the party. 

I had a fun night!



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